Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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Great article appeared in the New York Times today,
there is not much more to say:
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Another Cool Day, another 8K

cool day, air temperture: -1∘C, asphalt tempertaure: -3∘C.
Started out feeling cold, hands tucked into my sleeves. I warmed up after 2 kilometers pulled out my hands. the rest of the run was totally routine.
I am still amazed that my feet warm up to the point where the road doesn't feel cold. I have full sensation in my feet, why can't I feel the cold in the road? As soon as I stop running (has to stop and get the mail) the cold road is there.

First Video

My daughter and her friend filmed me running last sunday on a beautiful Fall day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Why I barefoot run in the cold?

Honestly, its because I really enjoy running. Not sprints, not marathons, not races, just cruising at a comfortable pace for an hour at a time. Chest out, stomach in, head high, eyes looking out at the horizon. Out in the fresh air, on a country road.

And, I started running barefoot in August. Big surprise. Definitely surpassed my expectations. It took me a month to adjust. Now my technique is great. Not only is there no pain in my feet, but no pain anywhere, and no fatigue at the end of a run. Something intangible about it. Just seems right.
And the cold, well, I don't want to stop running because its cold, and I don't want to put the shoes back on. It bothers me to run in shoes now.

It's not about being barefoot, its RUNNING barefoot. I actually don't particularly enjoy walking barefoot. I have tried hiking barefoot, nothing special. My feet are sensitive, they are smooth, no calluses. It hurts when I land on sharp objects. But for me running barefoot feels right, walking barefoot, I'm not so sure...
And its not about being hot, or having hot feet. I actually have cold feet. Its cold in my house, I don't like walking around the house barefoot. I put socks on when I go to bed! But not when I run!

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Guidelines for Cold weather barefoot running

1. Become comfortable with barefoot running before you do this
I don't think running in subzero temperatures is the way to begin your barefoot running career.
1. Run on dry hard surface. no grass, no wet roads, no snow.
being wet is an absolute killer, you lose more heat through evaporation than any other means.
2. . Keep running, don't stop. Don't walk.
when you are running your foot doesn't actually touch the ground for a large percentage of the time. your foot is in the air more than it is on the ground. The foot loses way more heat when it is in contact with the ground rather than the air.
3. Keep your body overheated
you should be sweating. start off warm, maybe even wearing some footwear. wear gloves, wear a wool hat. you can shed extra clothing as you get overheated. but you want your feet to be the primary source of excess heat loss.
4. Don't go nuts
its all about enjoying the activity. being tense, anxious, having cold, numb, painful feet is not fun. some discomfort is to be expected at the beginning of a run, but if it's not better by kilometer two or three....

First Post

so yesterday the temperature dipped to -2 (C) here in southern Quebec. I went for my 8K run. Barefoot.
I have been running barefoot since August. I did the "Born to Run"- Barefoot Ted -
Barefoot Ken Bob - journey, got really pumped and haven't looked back. At the beginning, lots of blisters until I figured out that you have to really lift your knees. Now I can run 15K without any discomfort. Really, its not such a big deal.
So running barefoot in the cold? Yeah, we are now past the middle of October and its getting cold. All you barefoot runners want to put your newfound sport on hold 'til the Spring. No way!
Yesterday when I ran the surface temperature of the asphalt was -2C or 29F. So how did it go? Pretty well. For the first kilometer or so, I was tense, and cold (I was dressed in a T shirt and nylon windbreaker, and thin full length leggings). After that, I warmed up and was able to relax. By the end of the second kilometer I was sweating, and from then on things were perfect, meaning I was relaxed, stride and cadence in a groove, just enjoying the run. You know things are going well when you actually stop thinking about the running, the technique, your body, and your mind is somewhere else.
And the feet? how about the feet? Well, pretty much as you would expect: At the beginning they were cold, but by the second or third kilometer no more cold. Very similar to bare hands when running (or cross-country skiing) in the cold. At the beginning you want gloves, but once you start sweating, off come the gloves. As for the soles: same. They really weren't cold. There was absolutely no sensation of discomfort, tingling, burning, numbness. Why? because they weren't cold. I know what cold feet feels like. I live in Canada, we all freeze our feet outside in the winter, skiing, skating, etc.
Now the question is: Just how cold before you can't run barefoot anymore?

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